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Doors, Windows, etc.

Checker can fix your car doors and windows Automotive doors are growing increasingly complex. Besides the obvious function of allowing you and your passengers to get in and out of your vehicle, functions like electric windows, electric mirrors, and electric door locks are now becoming standard equipment. Having doors that no longer function electrically, do not open and close smoothly, or leak water or have that annoying wind noise can diminish the enjoyment we once had driving our cars. Checker technicians have all the tools and experience to diagnose, adjust, and repair your doors and windows. We also specialize in pins and bushing replacement. These are the most common parts to wear causing your door to sag and become difficult to close.

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Our customers rave about our service

The guys at Checker saved two of my vehicles from the salvage yard. They performed all the repair, and processed all the paperwork to have them inspected, titled, and reqistered.

Jim, Madison, AL

None of the other body shops would touch my car. They said it was too old. Checker found the parts, repaired my car, and even saved me some money. I am a customer for life!

Mary, Huntsville, AL

When preparing the estimate to repair a city bus, Checker took the initiative to locate the manufacturer of a bike rack that was damaged. This resulted in a great cost savings for the repair job.

City Fleet Manager, Huntsville, AL

It is simple...the guys at Checker do great work at reasonable prices.

GSA Fleet Manager, Redstone Arsenal, AL