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Auto Rebuilding

Checker offers complete rebuilding services With increasing frequency, consumers are being told by their insurance company that it will cost too much to repair their vehicle. The insurance company will then pay the owner the least they possibly can for their vehicle. The insurance company will then offset this payment to the customer by selling the vehicle off at a salvage auction. This process of buying and selling accident vehicles instead of fixing them saves the insurance industry millions of dollars per year. If at all possible you want to have your vehicle repaired before your insurance company permanently stamps your title as “Salvage”. Basically, if your insurance company buys your car instead of repairing it, they will take your title and re-title it as salvage. If you insist, they will sell the vehicle back to you, if not; it goes to a salvage auction. Believe it or not, your vehicle may be worth thousands of dollars to rebuilders or used auto parts dealers. If you buy your vehicle back from the insurance company, you will not be able to register it as long as the title says salvage. It must first go to a licensed rebuilder, be repaired to pre-salvage condition, and then re-titled as a “Rebuilt” vehicle. If you have purchased a salvaged titled vehicle, Checker Auto Body can take you through the rebuild process and get it legally back on the road.

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Our customers rave about our service

The guys at Checker saved two of my vehicles from the salvage yard. They performed all the repair, and processed all the paperwork to have them inspected, titled, and reqistered.

Jim, Madison, AL

None of the other body shops would touch my car. They said it was too old. Checker found the parts, repaired my car, and even saved me some money. I am a customer for life!

Mary, Huntsville, AL

When preparing the estimate to repair a city bus, Checker took the initiative to locate the manufacturer of a bike rack that was damaged. This resulted in a great cost savings for the repair job.

City Fleet Manager, Huntsville, AL

It is simple...the guys at Checker do great work at reasonable prices.

GSA Fleet Manager, Redstone Arsenal, AL