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Collision Repair

Checker offers collision repair services Most of the damage resulting from everyday vehicle collisions can be repaired, and vehicles can be refinished to look and drive like new. Our skilled technicians, straighten bent bodies, remove dents, and replace crumpled parts that cannot be fixed. We repair all types of vehicles, including large trucks, buses, tractor-trailers, but mostly work on cars and small trucks. Each damaged vehicle presents different challenges for repairers. Our broad knowledge of automotive construction and repair techniques, enable us to decide how to handle each job based on what the vehicle is made of and what needs to be fixed. We must first determine the extent of the damage and order any needed parts. If the car is heavily damaged, we might start by realigning the frame of the vehicle. Technicians’ chain or clamp frames and sections to alignment machines that use hydraulic pressure to align damaged components. “Unibody” vehicles—designs built without frames—must be restored to precise factory specifications for the vehicle to operate correctly. For these vehicles, it is critical to accurately measure how much each section is out of alignment, and use hydraulic machinery to return the vehicle to its original shape. Once the frame is aligned, technicians can begin to fix or replace damaged body parts. First we remove badly damaged sections of body panels and then weld in replacement sections. Less serious dents are pulled out with a hydraulic jack or hand prying bar or knocked out with handtools or pneumatic hammers. Small dents and creases in the metal are smoothed by holding a small anvil against one side of the damaged area while hammering the opposite side. Next, technicians use plastic to fill small dents that cannot be worked out of plastic or metal panels. On metal panels, we sand, file or grind the hardened filler to the original shape before repainting the damaged portion of the vehicle. Technicians also repair or replace the plastic body parts (usually the parts that cover bumpers) that are increasingly used on new vehicles. We remove damaged panels and identify the type and properties of the plastic used. With most types of plastic, we can apply heat from a hot-air welding gun or immerse the panel in hot water and press the softened section back into shape by hand. Sometimes we must replace plastic parts that are badly damaged or very difficult to fix. Our technicians also specialize in fixing fiberglass car bodies. We also specialize in installing and repairing glass in automobiles and other vehicles. We remove broken, cracked, or pitted windshields and window glass. Next we apply a moisture-proofing compound along the edges of the glass, place the glass in the vehicle, and install rubber strips around the sides of the windshield or window to make it secure and weatherproof. Painting and refinishing is the last stop. We use high quality two and three stage paint and clearcoat systems to closely match Original Equipment Manufacture processes and tints. Our state of the art paint booth and techniques will have your vehicle looking great for years to come.

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Our customers rave about our service

The guys at Checker saved two of my vehicles from the salvage yard. They performed all the repair, and processed all the paperwork to have them inspected, titled, and reqistered.

Jim, Madison, AL

None of the other body shops would touch my car. They said it was too old. Checker found the parts, repaired my car, and even saved me some money. I am a customer for life!

Mary, Huntsville, AL

When preparing the estimate to repair a city bus, Checker took the initiative to locate the manufacturer of a bike rack that was damaged. This resulted in a great cost savings for the repair job.

City Fleet Manager, Huntsville, AL

It is simple...the guys at Checker do great work at reasonable prices.

GSA Fleet Manager, Redstone Arsenal, AL